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Urban Art and Wildflowers in LA

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

This recent work is a triptych that shows urban architecture in multiple perspectives with vibrant coastal wild flowers and a grey sculptural rose as a focal point.

While painting this piece, I found myself channeling the many years I lived in the urban neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California... as I worked on the layers of architectural detail. The browns and silvers in the tints, tones and shades of the urban architecture is in direct contrast with the vibrant flowers and makes a striking statement.

Wildflowers are always a breath of fresh air, whether hiking along California's central coast, or just walking my dog on a sidewalk in LA, It is always a joy to spot these colorful wildflowers. The wild flower focal point in this work can seen in both the left and right panels. The center panel is a surreal flip in color scheme and point of view... as it depicts an urban grey rose with vibrantly colored buildings.

For their natural beauty, there are so many reasons to like wild flowers. In fact, in urban areas that have wildflowers people are less likely to litter and they become more aware of the natural world. Seeing wildflowers give people a sense of well being and as we know, plants are good for the air we breathe. Another cool thing about wild flowers is that they are so easy to care for as they don’t ever need any pesticides or fertilizer.

This triptych is an urban work that is also an environmental work. It was made in LA and is about color harmony and ecology, taking care of our beautiful earth and how nature must be cared for.

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