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Deborah Lanino is an American artist based in Los Angeles whose work has been described as “thoroughly contemporary, yet rooted in tradition and filled with Renaissance resonances.” Her paintings filter classic subject matter through a contemporary lens. As a descendant of Bernardino Lanino (1512-1582), a successful Renaissance painter from Vercelli, Italy, Deborah has a connection to the art world that imbues her paintings with a unique insight. Deborah was born in New York and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Pratt Institute and a Master’s Degree from Argosy University. She also studied art abroad at SACI in Florence, Italy.

Deborah spent over a decade in NYC illustrating books from her apartment in Chelsea (her first was the Christmas classic, “The Littlest Angel”). She also illustrated posters for the theater, magazine covers, and book jackets. She taught college art in Los Angeles for over ten years. Deborah has exhibited in galleries in New York City, Albany, Nantucket, Hernando, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, La Canada, Flintridge, San Marino, Laguna Beach and Florence, Italy. Deborah will be having her first solo show in Fall of 2024 at the Blackfriars Gallery in Berkeley, CA.

Artist Statement

I remember drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon and was fortunate that my family encouraged my love of the arts. Much later, while studying in Florence, Italy, I had the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of a part of my heritage and a unique link to the art world. Bernardino Lanino (1512-1582), a successful Renaissance painter from Vercelli, Italy, is an ancestor. His works from so long ago still have a powerful impact on viewers. In my work, I use Renaissance techniques such as chiaroscuro (lights and darks), sfumato (blurring edges) and impasto (thickly applied paint).

Some of my works have representational and figurative elements and other works, like the Greek Cross, are abstract yet contain meditative and transcendent tones through light, color and design. Color fascinates me. I work with a vibrant palette creating thin, painterly layered glazes as well as impasto effects. The natural beauty of the west coast influences my palette. Themes of Faith, Nature and Art History all find their way into my work, the goal of which is to uplift and bring positivity to the viewer.



Solo exhibition

"Faith Hope Love" Blackfriars Gallery, Berkeley, CA  


"Shape and Form" Sturt Haaga Gallery, Descanso Gardens, La Canada, Flintridge,
"A Keen Eye" The Range Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"The Berkeley Art & Interreligious Pilgrimage Project" Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA
"Generations" Nan Rae Gallery, Woodbury College, Burbank, CA
“Beloved Planet” The Makery Los Angeles, CA
“Holiday Show” The Makery Los Angeles, CA
"Storytellers" Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
"Reflections & Projections" The Encino Terrace Gallery, Encino, CA
"Artwork" The Encino Terrace Gallery, Encino, CA
"It Figures" Gain Federal Credit Union, North Hollywood, CA
"Smalltime" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
"Confection" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
"Words on Printed Page" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
"Full Bodied" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
"Aurora" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
"New Baroque" LA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

Past Exhibits:

The Huntington Library & Art Collection, San Marino, CA

ADM Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

California Design College, Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Festival of Books, Los Angeles, CA

The Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, CA

San Fernando Art Association, Los Angeles, CA 
The Art Institute Gallery, North Hollywood, CA

CSUN Gallery, Northridge, CA

The Acorn Store, Santa Monica, CA

The Montana Library, Santa Monica, CA

Every Picture Tells a Story, Santa Monica, CA

The Beverly Hills Library, Hernando, FL

Mitchell’s Books, Nantucket, MA
The Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket, MA 
The Atheneum, Nantucket, MA
Rubelle & Norman Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Puck Gallery, New York, NY

Pratt Gallery, New York, NY

Society of Illustrators, New York, NY
Picot Hall, Albany, NY

College of Saint  Rose, Albany, NY 

SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy
Vango Gallery, Online

Queen Elizabeth II, At Sea, Ocean Liner 


The Museum of Modern Art New York, NY


New York Times

St. Petersburg Times

​Tampa Bay Times
Wine Spectator

UK House & Gardens

Intentfully FIT

​Angels on Earth 

Nursing Magazine

La Maze Publishing 

Golf Journal
Government Executive


Gold UCDA Award.  University and College Design Associates

Silver Medal for the National Case Awards



Cornell Alumni

Pomona College Magazine

Simon & Schuster



Random House


Barnes & Noble Classics


Farrar Strauss & Giroux

Henry Holt

Houghton Mifflin Books


McDougal Littell


California Design College - Faculty

Los Angeles, CA 2005 – 2009
The Art Institute of California-Hollywood - Faculty

Los Angeles, CA 2009 – 2015

​Fremont College - Faculty

Los Angeles,  CA 2011 - 2012


Contemporanea Fine Art Publication New York, NY

New York Association for New Americans New York, NY

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