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Pictured here are a some published picture books from back in the days that I lived and worked in NYC as an illustrator If you are interested in purchasing a hand signed book, a giclee print or an original work of art from an illustrated book just e mail me for more information. 


The Littlest Angel

Grolier Children's Press

Deborah Lanino

Charles Tazewell 

Get ready for the Holidays! A Christmas Classic. Gr 1-3--First released in book form in 1946, this story has since appeared in numerous editions. It tells of a small angel who simply can't get with the program no matter how hard he tries until an understanding elder realizes that he is homesick and is able to retrieve a box of his most treasured possessions from "back home." When it comes time for Jesus to be born on Earth, the Littlest Angel gives his precious box to the Baby, but he is worried that God will think his gift too humble. However, God is pleased indeed, and transforms the box into the Star of Bethlehem. The writing style is rather ornate and full of grandiose words and phrases, but some children will love to hear it read aloud. The paintings are muted and full of texture, and not at all sentimental. The celestial choir is multicultural, and the Littlest Angel has red shorts peeking out of his robe. - School Library Journal -

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Maria's Comet
Simon and Schuster
Deborah Lanino
Deborah Hopkinson

Maria's wish burns as brightly as a star.
Maria longs to be an astronomer and imagines all the strange worlds she can travel to by looking though her papa's telescope. One night Maria gets her chance to look through the telescope. For the first time, she sees the night sky stretching endlessly above her, and her dream of exploring constellations seems close enough to touch.
In this story, inspired by the life of Maria Mitchell, America's first woman astronomer, "viewers will find the cobalt-blue nights, lit with constellations that make imaginary (and actual) pictures in the sky, every bit as attractive as Maria does." -Goodreads

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Nina's Waltz


Deborah Lanino

Corinne Demas

Nina learned how to play fiddle from her dad, an accomplished player. Nina's dad even wrote a waltz for her. He plans to perform it at a fiddlers' contest, hoping to bring both joy to his daughter and some money to his family. But when Nina and her dad arrive at the contest site, something unexpected happens and Nina is forced to face her fears.

This book teaches children (and adults) some beautiful lessons. First, music comes from the soul and is capable of elevating the human spirit to incredible heights. The book also teaches the value of contentment, love for family, and a passion for music. I hope that many children will read this book or have it read to them. We need more children who are in love with reading and music. Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Illustrated by Deborah Lanino Written by Corinne Demas


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