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Group Exhibit On View Now

in Encino, CA

Glad to be included in the block long public space & indoor art gallery:

The Encino Terrace on Ventura Boulevard

Artist Statement

“Reflections & Projections-

Art that celebrates the past and anticipates the future”

Urban to Rural 1993 Acrylic and marble dust on wood panel 46 x 19” This work from 30 years ago was made when I moved from the suburb of Babylon, Long Island to Brooklyn, New York. Painted over an aged wooden map of Long Island, the back of the panel shows nails and holes visible in the repainted raw wooden frame. Moving to the city, I expressed the transitions between open to dense space. Using a glazing technique of thin transparent layers of acrylic wash and utilizing the Italian renaissance technique “pentimento”, I painted over the map while spontaneously working on this abstract piece reminiscent of the Cubism and Orphism art movements.

Infinity 2023 Acrylic and glass beads on round canvas 20’ A recent work with the infinity symbol in the center of a circle shaped canvas. Here, I show the mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity showing the figure 8 on its side symbolizing the concept of eternity. This work is painted “a tondo”, a renaissance term for a circular work of art. The word derives from the Italian “rotondo”- round. The circle is also a symbol of wholeness and infinity.

These works are both available.

Encino Terrace Gallery 15821 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91436

Contact Deborah Lanino

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