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True Blue

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Angels in art can be traced back for thousands of years spanning medium, culture, and time. Artists of the Renaissance era painted characters called "putti," which looked like male babies or toddlers. These characters represented the presence of pure love around people and often sported wings like angels.

I painted this recently in February of 2021, after looking at a Bernardino Lanino painting (1540) of three music angels. While the Bernardino was mostly tints and shades of orange and burnt sienna, I added misty brushwork with cerulean, cobalt and ultramarine blue making cool ethereal textures reminiscent of old frescoes. The musical instruments are painted in complementary colors such as warm yellows and oranges. It is Acrylic on board and 10" x 10". This work is for sale if you are interested contact me.

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