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Thoughts on Time Travel and Teleportation

“The Time Traveler”

Travel - Time Travel

Physics - Metaphysics

Modern- Metamodern

Museo - The Art Tourism App recently referred to this artwork as "timeless". This is a large hand stretched oil on canvas that I did back in the early 90’s. I lived in SOHO in New York City, on Thompson Street at the time. I had just returned from a trip traveling throughout Germany. My Mom was born in Silesia, a part of Germany that is now Poland, so it was a great time to take a family trip to see the country.

This art work is an autobiographical self portrait of myself walking around in Berlin at the time right after the wall came down. The expressionistic brushstrokes give the painting a feeling of unity, movement and transformation. Looking back at this work now in 2021 here in many years later I can't help but look at it through a new lens and wonder about time travel and teleportation. This work is available for sale. If you are interested just email me.

Deborah Lanino

Time Traveler

Acrylic on canvas

28 x 35 inches


Thoughts on Time Travel and Teleportation

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