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The Wings of a Dove

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Doves have inspired artists, musicians and writers for centuries. From the artists of the Renaissance to contemporary artists today. Throughout the centuries, doves have appeared as symbols in numerous religious and secular settings but may be best known for its wide use in Christianity. Renaissance artists utilized doves primarily in religious artwork to depict the third element of the trinity, the Holy Spirit. Shown above the figures in the painting, wings spread and often in a burst of light gives the dove an ethereal appearance, indicating its religious significance. 

The dove is also a symbol of peace.  This symbolism comes from the story of Noah.  A dove brought back an olive leaf to Noah, signaling the end of the storm and the flood and that land was emerging. 

This was the first piece from my Dove series that I started in 2019 in Los Angeles, California. This piece is sold. If you are interested in work like this email me.

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