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Revisiting "The Visitor" Looking at Art Direction, Illustration, Painting, Philosophy and Faith.

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

This is a work I made while living in the Chelsea area of New York City back in the day... I received the commission from an advertising art director who also happened to be artistic director at Lincoln Center. The illustration was a poster for the play, “The Visitor” through the Shubert organization at the Barrymore theater in NYC. The Visitor is a philosophical work written by French-Belgian author Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The play was set in Vienna in 1938 and was about Sigmund Freud’s conversations with God.

This was a great commission and I loved working on it as the art director saw something in my style that he felt was right for the project as he told me he wanted the art work to be reminiscent of Marc Chagall. I was thrilled because Chagall is one of my favorite artists and I loved that the art director made that connection when viewing just a few samples of my work in a directory. Luckily, I had several coffee table books of Chagall on hand to inspire. The artist Marc Chagall worked in many media beyond canvases such as sets for plays and ballets as well as illustrating books, the Bible, and stained glass windows.

Aside from my own fine art website, (which is here attached to this blog,) I do conceptual illustration for clients. To see my conceptual illustrations, check out my new workbook link just published this month at:

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