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Healthy Unhealthy

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This is a piece I did back in my New York illustrator days. It was commissioned by the Penn Stater magazine for an article titled: "Healthy Unhealthy" and the cover of the same magazine titled "Afraid to Sleep." This work received a Silver Medal from the National Case Awards.

When I moved to Los Angeles, CA I took the painting with me and it was soon selected in a juried exhibition at the Society of Illustrators. I have so many paintings in my home from over the years. This one is framed as it was in an exhibition.

I find myself looking at this image during the pandemic with a new lens. A lens for those recovering from illness as well as those caring for others while balancing self care.

This dreamscape shows a woman in her nightgown carefully balancing and walking a tightrope. The tree behind her is bare, burnt and unhealthy while the tree she walks toward is lush, green and healthy. She is slowly walking toward health. This work is 8.5 x 11 inches.

This work is available, if you are interested, email me for prices

Acrylic on board

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