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“Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti” - A Portrait of Sophia Loren

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren!

Born: September 20, 1934

Naples, Italy

“Things don’t change too much, the body changes. The mind does not.” - Sophia Loren

Here is a portrait I drew of Italian actress and icon Sophia Loren. I remember drawing this many years ago, when I was a college senior at Pratt in Brooklyn NY. It was drawn after the year I lived abroad in Florence. After studying the Masters on location in Italy, I worked with the chiaroscuro effect in this piece by using black and white conté on brown prepared paper.

Atmospheric perspective, multiple perspectives and Italian text can be seen in the background and in the architecture while Sophia gazes toward the viewer.

This work is available for sale if you’re interested just email me.

Portrait of Sophia Loren

Deborah Lanino

Charcoal and conte on paper


21" x 28"

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