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A Staycation in LA

Blue Summer Skies

12" x 8"

Acrylic on board


I painted this little piece when I first moved to Santa Monica, California from NYC, twenty years ago, as I was immediately struck by how beautiful and blue the skies were here in Southern California.

Wherever I went… people would say, “ Nice day today isn’t it?”

and I thought every day is a nice day here! I had lived in Manhattan for ten years and was used to a lot of silver/grey… there was rarely a cloud in the sky in Cali and back then it never got over 80° on the west side…

Fast forward twenty years… it certainly has warmed up here and by Fall it becomes alarming smoky. But this month, I make sure to take the time to appreciate the blue skies and the cool water whenever I can. This Summer, I am not planning on a far away vacation… we are doing more of what you would call a staycation. Going for bike rides, swimming, reading, kayaking and exploring the natural beauty of the beaches nearby…

I wish everyone a wonderful Summer.

This work is available for sale if you’re interested just email me.

Contact information is also on my website.

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